Mini Hexagon B&W Coral

12,20  pcs.

Hexagonal mosaic in a honeycomb shape. Hexagonal, glossy tiles, placed on the fibre glass mesh in a black and white geometric pattern are a resemblace of New York classic floor design. All-time classic.

  • ceramic
  • top hexagon design
  • original, geometric shape

Important! Patterns of hexagonal mosaic are made on a custom order. The lead time is a maximum of 14 working days from receit of payment.

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Product information
8 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
black and white, white
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
0,85 kg
Element dimension
23x26 mm
Slice/tile dimension
26x30 cm
for the floor, for the walls
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Number of m²
Quantity needed
* we recommend adding a stock of approx. 10%

Geometric forms rich in unusual colors – Hexagonic, tiles arranged on a mesh in the form of a mosaic are among the proposals built on the basis of eye-pleasing hexagons, juxtaposed with each other in various ways. Designers added innovative elements to well-known shapes, thanks to which traditional mosaics acquired a modern style. These products are intended for the interior of buildings where they look very impressive as finishing decors. We offer Hexagonic mosaics in various colors. You can decide on: classic white and black or less obvious mixed and pastel colors.

Universal Hexagonic mosaics

The geometric shapes of the Hexagonic mosaic are perfect for decorating interiors in various styles due to their universal character. With some minor exceptions, they can be used both on the wall and on the floor, which only increases the possibilities of their use. In fact, in the case of Hexagonic , the decorator’s imagination remains the main barrier. The product will look great in many rooms. It is easy to install tiles in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Hexagonic mosaics are the perfect choice when we want to choose New York classics with high aesthetic values. Mosaics can be classified as New York style based on the highest quality products.

Porcelain mosaics with long life

Hexagonic is, like many other DUNIN products, porcelain mosaics. This is of utmost importance because the adequate price of the tiles is followed by equally attractive functionality. porcelain is one of the materials of considerable durability. It is not easy to damage or scratch it. Moreover, it tolerates everyday use well, e.g. remains abrasion-resistant. In addition, it is characterized by low water absorption. Under this slogan, there is little absorption of dirt and water. All dirt remains on the top of the mosaic from where it is easy to remove with basic cleaning agents. We invite you to our catalog, where we have prepared a dozen or so unusual proposals of Hexagons . If necessary, it is also possible to order their samples.