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MUST HAVE: Gold and marble

Marble has been used since antiquity in construction, architecture or sculpture. Historically, the stone, combined with gold, decorated palaces and royal courts. Today, it is used in a wide range of designs, from modern to art deco to vintage styles.

The most popular marble, white with delicate grey tones, is quarried in Tuscany. However, the stone can be found in many other colours: from white and beige to pinks, reds, greys and classic black. Designers and architects are very keen to use marble (or products that imitate it) because it works well on large areas of flooring, wall cladding or stairs. And it adds a special touch to any interior, whether it plays a leading role or is merely an accessory.

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Flat owners who associate marble with glamour and the interiors of exclusive hotels are reluctant to use it in their interiors. Marble gives the wrong impression of cold and austere interiors. Designers are combating this opinion and introducing it into many arrangements as the main design element or part of it. Complemented with the right accessories, marble tiles will blend into a stylish bathroom or kitchen creating a beautiful and sometimes unobvious effect.


A marble pattern can be introduced into the bathroom in many ways, for example through wallpaper, tiles or accessories. A marble bathroom is an alternative to the white and wood-like interiors that still reign supreme in decor arrangements. Marble as a whole gives the impression of being more luxurious but if you want a cosier effect, you can use marble only on a small part of your bathroom or combine it with wood. The same applies to a marble kitchen. The use of stone on the floor, wall cladding or the island adds character to the interior, especially when the right accessories are used.

Marble “likes” to be combined with noble accessories, especially with gold and silver. In many bathroom or kitchen arrangements, based on white&gold colour scheme, the gold and copper fittings that are currently very fashionable, including shower taps, wash basins, mirror frames and even gold furniture frames, flowerpots or soap dispensers, will go perfectly.


Marble is timeless and has not gone out of fashion for years. Due to the varied arrangement of streaks and veins, it is impossible to find two identical designs. Even if they come from the same rock. Its advantage is therefore originality and uniqueness. And when combined with gold accessories, it acquires an unconventional effect that will delight everyone.