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MUST HAVE: Patterned floors

The decor of your home and flat depends on a great number of factors. Often, in addition to the budget, the owners’ taste and even changing interior design trends matter. Arranging a space is not a simple task, so it is worth thinking it through well. The floor is a very important element of any interior because it gives it a certain character. However, it is installed for years, so its choice may determine the style of a given interior.

Patterned gres and tiles, which enliven every space and bring a touch of madness to homes, are the answer to the modern minimalist designs that are still popular in interior design where solid colours that imitate concrete or wood reign supreme. Although for many people a patterned floor will sound extravagant, it is a trend that breaks the dullness in our flat. You can opt for patterned floors, especially patterned tiles, in many rooms in our home, including the kitchen, dining room, hallway or bathroom. In addition to their original appearance, they also have the advantage of being functional and easy to clean.

Patterned tiles or mosaics allow us to create interesting geometric shapes on our floors. Hexagons, grids, black and white chequers and patchwork carpet patterns are still among the dominant trends. This trend is also used by minimalists, who break up their interiors with a patterned element on the kitchen or bathroom floor. 


Patterned floors will work well in many styles, including modern, New York, art deco or hampton. They are an interesting alternative to solid surfaces. They optically change the proportions of the interior, while patterns, different tile sizes and colours draw attention to the floor. Patterns on the floor bear the attractiveness of the interior and sometimes change and completely define its appearance.

It turns out that the use of a single patterned element on the floor, for example, transforms the entire interior. Although many flat owners are intimidated by patterned floors, their use in rooms gives the whole interior an originality and character.