How quickly will we perform
your order?

Products available

We aim to perform all orders on the second working day after receipt of payment. If you prefer fast delivery, we suggest to use fast payment methods. In the case of payment by bank transfer – shipment is performed on the second working day after we have received your payment.

Customised products

We arrange the products in graphic patterns by hand (e.g. Mini Hexagon, patterns from the Black&White collection, etc.) so we need time to prepare them. The lead time for such orders is a maximum of 21 working days from receipt of payment. 

Wooden mosaics from the Etn!k collection are made to order. Production time is approximately 14 working days from the date of order.

For some products, it is stated that the product is available on request. This means that it is currently sold out. Please contact us for information on the date of availability of the next production batch.

Products “out of stock”

The status “out of stock” means that the product has been withdrawn by us and will no longer be produced. 

How we deliver 
your order?

Sent by courier service to a specified address

We make every effort to ensure the best possible protection for each item in transport. All our shipments are insured during transport. In the case of damage to the goods, please draw up damage protocol which can be provided by the courier. The courier has left? Do not worry. Call the hotline of the shipping company and report the damage to the goods. Follow the courier company’s instructions.

Collect in collection point

When ordering products in our Online Store, you can collect them in a selected shop of the Business Partner. By choosing this option, you do not conclude the sales agreement with us but only wish to purchase the products directly in the selected shop of our Partner through us. You agree on the payment method and the date of collection with the Partner. Once you have placed such an order with us, we will immediately pass it on to our partner and it is up to him to make further contact. An order with collection in the point does not form distance sales agreement.


You can order our products abroad – to do so, go to the website with the currency of the country to which the shipment will be made (EN, DE, SK, RO, CZ). We ship our products within the EU. If you wish to purchase to a country outside the EU, please contact us.

Where can you see the products? 

Business Partner showrooms

DUNIN products are available in practically every good tile and mosaic shop. All the shops of our business partners can be displayed on the map but please note that we have many types of display stands and there may not be a collection you are interested in at the shop of your choice. In that case, we recommend ordering a sample.

Order a sample

If you are interested in a product but you want to see what it looks like in person – you can use our “Order a sample” service. 

Go to the sample catalogue or click “order a sample” next to the product of your choice. We send samples to the InPost parcel locker of your choice or by courier to the specified address.

What you can do
when have you run out of product?

Remember to add some more products than needed!

When placing an order, remember to always add about 15% more products than needed. This will help you avoid problems with running out of products. You can return the surplus within 14 days of receiving your delivery. 

However, if you have run out of products – before you place your order, please contact us to find out if there are still products available from the same production batch as you previously ordered. 

Please note that mosaics and tiles from different production batches may vary in shade which may be visible on the wall or floor.


How to receive an invoice?

We include a proof of purchase (receipt) with every order. On request, we issue a personal/company invoice.

I cannot find my invoice

We enclose all invoices to the parcels under the waybill. If you do not have an invoice, please contact us at sklep@dunin.eu. We will send you an invoice via email or issue a duplicate.

Invoice error

Invoice data can only be changed with a signed adjustment note. Contact us by e-mail or telephone.