Royal Chevron Black

8,40  pcs.

Black glossy tiles arranged in a chevron pattern on a fiber mesh forming a mosaic. The classic and modern pattern of French herringbone will work well in any interior.

  • porcelain
  • glossy surface
  • French herringbone
  • Available

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    Product information
    7 mm
    Number of pieces per 1m2
    Grout width
    3 mm
    Slice weight
    0,95 kg
    Element dimension
    52x180 mm
    Slice/tile dimension
    31,8x22,4 cm
    for the walls
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    * we recommend adding a stock of approx. 10%

    strong> Royal is a royal series of mosaics not only by name! Shapes and color depth captivate with their design from the first sight, pleasing the eye of the most demanding customers. Products from the Royal line have a timeless character. They are the perfect choice for fans of the classics looking for a neat combination of tradition and current trends. With tastefully added modern accents, the Royal mosaics will delight many people. Royal mosaic will match rooms designed in different styles. So you can easily make it the main character or add a subtle complement to the arrangement.

    For rooms in the entire the house

    Royal mosaics were designed to be used in the interior of buildings where they act as an attractive element for their finishing. Due to their universal properties as well as a unique visual effect, they will work well both in a private house or apartment as well as in commercial space. They will add style to any room, increasing its decorative value. The product is widely used. It can be used not only on floors, but also on walls. It is worth choosing a Royal mosaic, e.g. in the living room, but it will also work in rooms with much more difficult conditions, such as the kitchen and bathroom. In any case, cleaning them will not be a problem. For this purpose, it is enough to take care of the basic measures for the care of porcelain.

    Products from the Royal series are a porcelain mosaic with numerous advantages. First of all, we are talking about the optimal hardness of the material (porcelain). Their durability makes them largely resistant to mechanical damage or scratches. These dangers are especially real when Royal tiles are laid on the floor. porcelain is additionally characterized by low water absorption. Water or dirt does not penetrate deep into the plastic, so it will be easier to clean it from contamination. A mosaic in a home or commercial spaces and industrial spaces must also be resistant to daily use and this is the case with Royal . The product has good resistance to abrasion as a result of normal use. Tiles will be a great solution for all people who appreciate sublime, yet functional beauty.