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MUST HAVE: Contrasts

The use of contrasts in design has become a trend that works well in any interior, giving the space an original charm and a whiff of modernity. Introducing different colours or patterns into our home undoubtedly also adds character. The most classic combination is black and white but the use of contrasting colours is not the only way to enliven our flat.

It is said that opposites attract. Interiors created on the basis of contrasts are the best proof of this. By skilfully combining neutral and intense colours, matt and shiny surfaces or smooth and patterned textures, a room defends itself and looks stylish and extremely attractive.


Bright, subdued interiors can be broken up with a dark colour, e.g. on one of the walls in order to enrich the arrangement and attract the attention of family members and guests. However, this is a bold move because we usually paint our flats for the long term. Those who do not want to “engage” for a longer period of time can enrich their interior with contrasting furniture or accessories.

The latest designs are moving away from subtle and one-dimensional interiors. In their place are designs dominated by contrasting colours and textiles with a “claw”, giving the interiors a character of unconventionality and originality.

Such combinations also mix architectural styles. Juxtaposing cool grey tiles with wood and warm beiges makes minimalism appear friendlier and more homely. Combining light colours with patterned flooring helps to achieve a hampton or art deco style, whereas two types of stone in the bathroom with black or chrome accessories give it an exclusive touch.

Combining contrasts in interiors gives them a distinctive and modern feel. Mixing colours, textures or styles reigns supreme among the designs. Everyone will find a way to enrich the interior. A total frenzy of colours and patterns or breaking up uniform spaces with contrasting accessories – contrasts give you the chance to express yourself and give your interior an individual and intimate feel.