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12,60  pcs.


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Product information
10 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
made of marble, white
≥ 3,5%
Grout width
Slice weight
1,8 kg
Slice/tile dimension
30,5x30,5x cm
for the floor, for the walls
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* we recommend adding a stock of approx. 10%

You can bring nature into your home with one purchase. Mosaics and tiles from the Zen series will allow you to create harmonious interiors, perfect for rest or work in relaxing conditions. Natural stones offer enormous arrangement possibilities. You can opt for classic patterns in one color or take advantage of the creativity of nature even more by choosing multicolored proposals with irregular patterns. We offer the best quality mosaics and Zen tiles made of, among others: marble, travertine, quartzite or slate.

Positive energy straight from nature

It has been known for a long time that being surrounded by nature promotes better well-being but in everyday life it is difficult to systematically interact with nature. Now you can create such an enclave in your home or business, thanks to mosaics and Zen tiles. The stones used in their production come in a variety of shapes. Carved by the invisible hand of nature, they please the eye, giving a feeling of harmony and space. Their special feature is also the matte surface which gives an aesthetic design to entire rooms. The highest quality natural stones can boast important functionalities. They are durable in everyday use. In addition, they are characterized by a long service life. You can keep Zen products clean without any major problems.

Universal application

Natural stone is the “friend” of most interiors. It fits well in rooms of various character, starting with the living room, going through the kitchen and ending with the bathroom. Mosaics and Zen tiles can also be installed outside buildings, including places exposed to water, such as a terrace or garden. They will work in rooms designed in various styles, creating a consistent design with them. It is worth remembering that mosaics and Zen tiles require specialized building chemicals. The best and safest choice will be products from the Techn!k series dedicated to DUNIN products. You will find them in our catalogues. Due to them, you can properly impregnate the surface of natural stones or give them additional effects. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.