8,50  pcs.

Joint with fibreglass for polyurethane 3D pannels connections. Use together with WS Tape
Capacity: 2kg
Capability: 3m2


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Techn!K building chemical are a silent hero when decoratng interior with cornices. These are the highest-quality preparations dedicated to the installation of e.g. skirting boards or decorative ceiling profiles. The assortment includes both professional adhesives (WS FIXER, WS MDFIX) and grouts (WS AQUA JOINER, WS JOINER). Accessories signed with the DUNIN logo guarantee easier decorative work and translate in a straight line into the durability and life of the products. If used correctly, they guarantee many years of trouble-free use.

High efficiency of preparations

Techn!k building chemicals products are a recommendable series of products with a capacity of several hundred milliliters. Preparations are extremely efficient due to which with their support you can install many meters of decorative cornices. They were created in accordance with the standards and meet the stringent criteria for this type of product. Modern technologies were used in the production of adhesives and grouts. They will work well even in rooms with high humidity. The highest quality Techn!k chemicals for cornices, profiles, strips and 3D panels can be ordered without leaving your home. We will make every effort to ensure that the goods reach the indicated address as soon as possible, allowing for the commencement or continuation of renovation works.

installation preparation matters

When reaching for Techn!k building chmicals byDUNIN, you should remember a few key issues. Before starting to attach, the substrate must be properly prepared. The surface must be clean and dust-free. During installation, we suggest to install the cornices elements individually. Concrete activities should also accompany grouting, where it is important, inter alia, proper introduction of the grout into the space between the decor parts. In addition, a sufficient amount of time is required before starting standard operation. Adhesives and grouts are squeezed out of the cartouche with the use of a hand gun. If you have additional questions, please contact our experts.