Pure White Quadron

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Product information
10 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
black and white, made of marble, white
≥ 3,5%
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
2,15 kg
Slice/tile dimension
30x30 cm
for the floor, for the walls
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Manorial mosaics are another product offered by DUNIN. They are made of the highest quality Carrara marble. In this case, the manufacturer opted for expressive patterns with forms that break patterns. They take the shape of, for example, flowers or decors with an even higher level of abstraction. All mosaics were made with great precision and attention to detail, so each element is 100% refined. Manorial is a luxurious series of mosaics for walls and floors that you can order thanks to DUNIN at a very attractive price.

Elusive elegance

The design of the Manorial mosaic is difficult to put into a specific definition. The flowing tile patterns contrast with some geometric inserts, providing users with a subtle play of opposites. It is elegance that goes beyond the standard classification. When ordering products from the Manorial line, you can be sure of above-average aesthetics that will ennoble any interior, giving it a luxurious elegance. The proposed type of mosaic can perform various functions indoors. Marble tiles can greet guests as soon as they cross the threshold of the apartment or accompany them during meetings in the living room. Thanks to them, you will also design a unique kitchen and bathroom. They will work both in a large hall and a small hall. This exclusive material should be used by companies from the SPA industry, restaurants and hotels.

Marble has been captivating for centuries

Marble is an amazing material shaped by nature. Marble mosaics Manorial will work well in richly decorated rooms, but they will also be used in minimalistic arrangements with a cozy character. The impressive appearance of marble is combined with its equally interesting functionalities, such as considerable durability. Manorial tiles can cope with extreme temperatures and erosion. Well impregnated, they effectively resist contamination. For marble care, we recommend Techn!k accessories, dedicated to DUNIN mosaics and tiles. Thanks to them, the product will not lose its attractiveness even after many years.