PP-022 wall moulding

8,00 € per linear meter

Thanks to remarkable wall moulding PP-022 elegant wall decorations can be made both on walls and ceilings. It will highlight the style and interior design. DUNIN PP-022 is made of hard and waterproof polyurethane material which makes it lightweight, easy to assemble and resistant to moisture and impact. It is coated with primer paint.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble


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Length 1 pcs.
200 cm
1 cm
2,5 cm
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Smooth decorative profiles allow you to abandon the pattern of a uniform structure in favor of creative and imaginative concepts. The functionality of the product has many aspects. On the one hand, it is a great decorative tool, and on the other hand, a very practical accessory, made in a premium standard. We have put many suggestions in the DUNIN catalogs. The models differ in design, shape and size to easily adapt the mouldings to the walls of any room.

What are the possibilities of the mouldings?

There is no closed catalog of moulding applications. Designers use accessories in many ways often creating completely different interiors of the same products. Smooth decorative profiles perform the function of additional, small decors for surfaces with shelves. They are also useful in the case of “clean” walls. Thanks to the mouldings, you can change not only their design but also play with the optics of the room a bit. To a large extent, the use of accessories is limited by the creativity of the authors. It is also worth saying a few words about the practical dimension of the mouldings. Thanks to them, you can subtly hide wall imperfections or cable bundles. Smooth decorative profiles are also perfect for fashionable LED illumination.

Effective and fashionable decors

Smooth decorative profiles are a great example of products where the simplicity of execution only increases the aesthetic value of the accessories. The relatively uncomplicated grooves of the mouldings take various forms, on the one hand clearly drawing the attention and pleasing the eye, and on the other hand not overwhelming with the number of decorative motifs. Designers based their stylistic concepts on cutters that give a sense of harmony. These are fully elegant proposals intended for interiors of various styles. They will work, among others in timeless classic or glamor arrangements. They will also be an interesting decor for all rooms with a modern atmosphere. We offer many products – you can choose, for example, rectangular models.

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