OP-091 wall moulding

16,50 € per linear meter

Thanks to remarkable wall moulding OP-091 elegant wall decorations can be made both on walls and ceilings. It will highlight the style and interior design. DUNIN OP-091 is made of hard and waterproof polyurethane material which makes it lightweight, easy to assemble and resistant to moisture and impact. It is coated with primer paint.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble


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Length 1 pcs.
200 cm
2 cm
9 cm
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Impressive design, attention to detail and the highest quality – this is the shortest and most appropriate definition that describes decorative profiles with ornaments in our catalogs. The products open up many arrangement possibilities because they are made in a variety of styles. In addition, if necessary, they can be repainted in any color to better fulfill their decorative function. Decorative profiles with ornament thanks to a special production process and the use of the highest quality materials, they are suitable for various home or business premises.

Perfect for large and small rooms

One of the many advantages of decorative profiles is their versatility. Although the models with ornaments have a very distinctive character, they will suit a variety of interiors. They can be successfully installed both in rooms with a larger cubature and in rooms with a smaller metric area. They were created for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Decorative profiles with ornaments also show considerable strength and durability which is why it is also worth recommending them to business owners. They will certainly increase the visual value of e.g. offices, restaurants or hotel facilities. They will bring an impression of harmonious luxury to the interior and allow you to spend a pleasant time among original arrangements.

Effective patterns and decor motifs

Decorative profiles with ornaments allow you to go beyond the arrangement patterns. They facilitate the creation of unique compositions on the walls. We took care of a varied assortment so that designers had all the necessary tools to create a decor consistent with even the most fanciful vision. Accessories come in a variety of themes. Popular, floral accents are intertwined with classic proposals and modern design. The freedom of choice also applies to the sizes of the profiles. Our catalogs include models of various heights, e.g. 8 cm and 11 cm. They can have a concave or convex structure, which allows modeling with the optics of the room or creating a clear cut-off between individual wall elements.

Benefits of choosing DUNIN profiles