Mini Arabesco Black

10,20  pcs.

Black glossy tiles in the shape of a Moroccan clover, arranged on a fiber mesh in the form of a mosaic patch. Elegant and timeless.

  • porcelain
  • glossy surface
  • arabesque shape
  • Available

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    Dodaj do ulubionych
    Product information
    6,5 mm
    Number of pieces per 1m2
    Grout width
    3 mm
    Slice weight
    0,80 kg
    Element dimension
    78x74 mm
    Slice/tile dimension
    27,6x25 cm
    for the walls
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    * we recommend adding a stock of approx. 10%

    They break patterns introducing a breath of fashionable freshness to the interior. Arabesco, mosaics, although unique, fit well with the current trends in interior finishing. Their non-obvious shapes give enormous arrangement possibilities, allowing you to let your design imagination run wild both in the case of home and office. Without any problems, even the most demanding customers will find models with motifs characteristic of European culture at DUNIN but also products with oriental accents, such as mosaics in the shape of Moroccan clovers.

    What’s in the Arabesco series?

    Arabesco mosaics and tiles cannot be confined within a single architectural or stylistic framework. They are a creative combination matching many styles, e.g. Italian. In the catalogue, we have products with more geometric shapes, such as Mini Octagon models and streamlined – Mini Arabesco . Thanks to them, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms will gain an original character, pleasing the eye with unusual design. We offer products from the Arabesco line in various colors which is why they are perfect for buildings with various purposes. They are perfect for houses and apartments. Their decorative potential will also add value to company rooms. This mosaic is also recommended for SPA & amp; Wellness.

    What do you need to know about Arabesco mosaics and tiles?

    Arabesco mosaics are suitable for both floors and walls, while the tiles are designed for wall surfaces. Both products are connected by the material from which they are made. It is porcelain. The material presents considerable durability. It copes well with mechanical damage or scratches, winning over many difficult attempts. The porcelain elements are also resistant to water. It does not soak into the material, just like dirt, which makes it much easier to clean the floor or wall. It is enough to use standard means for care. Moreover, even intensively used porcelain wears off slowly, so the tiles look very attractive even after a long time. Arabesco mosaics and tiles are an effective-looking product with practical properties.