Amberwood 64

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Product information
8 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
0,5 kg
Element dimension
64x64 mm
Slice/tile dimension
32,8x32,8 cm
for the floor, for the walls
EAN code
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Assembly instruction
Number of m²
Quantity needed
* we recommend adding a stock of approx. 10%
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Wooden mosaics from the Etn! k collection are made against order. Production time is approx. 14 working days from the date of order.

Each piece of wood is to a large extent special because it guarantees the unique and inimitable charm of the natural raw material. Wooden mosaics Etn!K enchant with colours that can take on slightly different shades on individual elements but when combined, they create harmonious surfaces, warming any interior. Natural wood dazzles with simple elegance and timelessness. It is a theme that fits practically every apartment or house. Thanks to it, commercial spaces will also gain decorative value.

Created in concordance with tradition, nature and … modern trends

Etn!K mosaics are able to give a cozy character to many spaces. At DUNIN we managed to combine the natural character of our mosaics with the current trends. As a result, a product is obtained that is close to both nature and design fashion. Etn!K mosaics are suitable for floors and walls. They will effectively complement surfaces such as stone or glass. Their application includes: decors, countertops, recesses and shelves. Mosaics will be a strong point of rooms designed, i.e. in a minimalist or Scandinavian style. It is worth choosing Etn!K mosaics because they are products that stand out above decorative mediocrity.

Etn!k mosaics are real wood

When ordering Etn!K mosaics it is certain that the mosaic is made of real, natural wood, not imitation. This is of utmost importance because only a natural product will ennoble the interior, emphasizing its character. Real wood is very durable, provided that it is properly cared for, and can be renovated. As a result, once a product is purchased, it often ends its life only when a decision is made to completely change the arrangement. Well-protected wooden elements are relatively easy to clean. To take advantage of these advantages, the Etn!K mosaic must be properly installed. For this purpose, it is worth reaching for DUNIN products from the Techn!k series, such as: Flex Glue, Flex Grout and Impregnation Oil.