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Dear User,

Referring to GDPR ie. General Data Protection Regulation of European Union and European Council 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 that came into force as of May 25, 2018 in the matter of natural persons protection as far as data processing is concerned  and free movement of these data and referring  to the repeal of the directive 95/46/UC(general regulation on the data protection),  we would like to present the personal data processing information while using the web pages of the shop (hereinfater referred to as  „Party”). We need also your consent to use cookies files.

Who is your personal data controller ?

DUNIN Sp. z o.o. with its seat at Bielsko-Biała (43-300, Bielsko-Biała), at ul. Sobieskiego 62A (hereinafter referred to as: „DUNIN”) is the controller of your personal data.

What data do we process and why?

Party uses cookies files that is why every time you enter this webpage we will collect data including your unique ID.  We will be able to determine you identity only when you set up an account on the page, make purchases upon getting registered or you use any other format placed on the page.

Detailed information on cookies files used by us you will find in our Cookies Policy accessible under

We use cookies files to:

  • Make analyses of movements of Users on the page;
  • Keep your session on after logging in so that you do not have to enter logging data again when you move to respective subpages,;
  • Adjust the presented content of the page to your preferences
  • Retarget our advertisements ie. present the content related to us in ad network

We use the tool Google Analytics to analyse users’ movements. The tool  has been made accessible by Google llc with its seat in US (hereinafter referred to as” Google”). Google will not search any access to any data of yours that might allow  to determine your identity.

If you want to block cookies files you can change settings of your browser  any time. Detailed isntruction you will find in our cookies policy – Blocking cookies may cause that some functions of the page will not work properly. If you want to block only using  your data as a part of Google Analytics you can use the tool made accessible by Google : 

We can also collect your navigation data ie information about links and references you decided to click or about any other actions on the page of the Shop, (hereinafter referred to as „Navigation data”). Navigation data are collected to analyse your activity, your preferences as well to make your profile that will let us  adjust the content presented on the Shop page to your personal needs. This profile will include the data provided by you while getting registered or while using functions of your account

The data processing information while doing purchases through the webpage, by account registration or using other formats  will be presented to you during you do these actions.

We process your data based on …

We process data when you use cookies files to analyse users’ activities, keep the session on or adjust the content presented on the page to your preferences based on art. 6 section 1f of GDPR ie. processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by Dunin.  Our legitimate interest is secure opportunity to optimize and improve function features of Shop and make our offer more attractive and adjust the Shop offer to the preferences of the shop customers. If you use cookies files to retarget advertisements the data are  processed based on the art. 6 item 1a of GDPR ie the consent you make entering the page without any changes in the browser set up

To whom are we giving access to your data?

Your personal data are received by: the entity that gives us tools to analyse the users’ acitvity, advertisement network we work with, entities that gives us access to their servers. These entities do not receive, however, any data which might enable them to determine your  identity.

How long shall  we keep your data?

If the cookies files are used to analyse activity, keep the session on or adjust the content presented on the  page to your preferences  then we shall keep the data for the period in which these services are rendered and, in justified cases, after completion of the service, but then only if it is permitted or required by the binding law (eg. Processing for statistical purposes or in claim pursue). In such a case the data shall be processed only for the period indispensable to complete a respective purpose. As far as retargeting advertisements is concerned the data shall be processed to the moment you withdraw your consent to process cookies files (you withdraw your consent by changing your cookies files set up in your web browser)

What are your rights?

Your are eligible to access your personal data, to correct  or delete them and to require processing restriction.

If processing is made based on our legitimate interest you can make an appeal against data processing (including profiling) out of the reasons connected with your peculiar situation.  You can withdraw your consent to use cookies files any time by changing your browser set up. It will not affect, however, our processing to the moment you withdrew the consent and its conformity with the law.

If you recognize that the personal data processing is not in line with the law you can lodge a complaint to the President for the Personal  Data Protection Office.

Shall we pass you data outside European Economic Area?

As we use Google Analytics your data may be passed outside the European Economic Area. The transfer is made based on the decision of the European Committee of July 12, 2016 that determines the proper protection level in the programme „Privacy Shield”

If you want to obtain a copy of the  transferred data please contact us at the address: .

Now we do not plan to pass your data from a different scope  outside the European Economic Area

In case of any change the current information is accessible on the page: .

Does the processing lead to the automated decision making ?

Data processing shall not lead to automated decision making that might cause legal changes concerning you  or affect you in any way. 

We can, however,  create profiles of persons using the Shop page to adjust its  content to their needs (that was described above) .

Before you start using this Page please read the cookies Policy – [] Remember – if you do not want us to use cookies files you may change your browser set up any time.  We nominated the Inspector for the Data protection whom you may contact at the email address


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