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8.00 EUR euro per linear meter


Quantity: 1 pc. =2 mb

In stock


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Made of hard and waterproof POLYSTAR material, intended for indoor use, easy to glue, joint and paint for indoor use easy to trim and make holes in them durable and flexible, resistant to impacts, moisture, waterproof washing, can be used in rigid bathrooms – perfect for making backlights, e. g. LEDs that do not require additional protection against moisture and labour-intensive priming smooth, time-consuming mortars, factory coated with a layer of primer paint that is ready to be painted do not crack and are easy to assemble independently easy to transport (min. orders 1 piece), parcel shipment without palletizing, low shipping costs for perfect finishing of the joints between the slats we recommend glue: WS FIXER, joint: WS JOINER, WS AQUA JOINER, WS FIBER FILLER.

decorative elements
easy to cut
easy to paint
for backlight
Assembly Instruction
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Boarding calculator

Calculate how many slats you need

How to calculate the number of strips using a calculator?

  • 1 Measure the surface on which you want to lay the slats
  • 2 Enter the length of the walls, entering the length of each wall in a separate window
  • 3 To add another surface, click the plus icon

The slats have a length of 2 linear meters, i.e. 1 piece = 2 linear meters. So you can't buy 1 m of skirting board
10% of the skirting board included


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