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19.00 EUR euro per linear meter

Out of stock

Quantity: 1 pc. =2 mb

Out of stock

The DUNIN WALLSTAR ceiling cornice moulding are elegant finish of the ceilings. They suits both, for traditional and modern interiors.They are made from lightweight, hard and sound-absorbent, isothermal material called POLYSTAR.They are durable, hard, and especially functional. The ornamented cornice moulding perfectly goes well in stylised interiors, creating an original whole. Application:

  • decorative ceiling cornice moulding for the living room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom
  • recommended for houses, apartments, shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.

decorative elements
easy to cut
easy to paint
for backlight
Assembly Instruction
Catalog DUNIN

Boarding calculator

Calculate how many slats you need

How to calculate the number of strips using a calculator?

  • 1 Measure the surface on which you want to lay the slats
  • 2 Enter the length of the walls, entering the length of each wall in a separate window
  • 3 To add another surface, click the plus icon

The slats have a length of 2 linear meters, i.e. 1 piece = 2 linear meters. So you can't buy 1 m of skirting board
10% of the skirting board included


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