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13.00 EUR euro per linear meter


Quantity: 1 pc. =2 mb

In stock


Baseboards - skirting boards made of durable, hard MDF material, intended for indoor use,  - easy to glue and interior paint, - easy to cut and making holes in them,  - perfectly smooth surface with equal edges,  - impact, moisture and washout resistant,  - factory coated with 2x white varnish and moisture insulator,  - do not crack and are easy to assemble by yourself,  - easy to transport (min. orders - 1 piece), parcel shipment without palletising, low shipping costs,  - for perfect finishing of the joints between the slats we recommend glue: MD FIX, joint: WS JOINER.

decorative elements
easy to cut
easy to paint
Assembly Instruction
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Boarding calculator

Calculate how many slats you need

How to calculate the number of strips using a calculator?

  • 1 Measure the surface on which you want to lay the slats
  • 2 Enter the length of the walls, entering the length of each wall in a separate window
  • 3 To add another surface, click the plus icon

The slats have a length of 2 linear meters, i.e. 1 piece = 2 linear meters. So you can't buy 1 m of skirting board
10% of the skirting board included


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