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Newsletter subscription is based on the principles set out in these regulations. By using the newsletter service you are required to comply with these regulations. The newsletter is sent free of charge. The newsletter is set up automatically after completing the registration form available on the website, after selecting the appropriate options to personalize the newsletter and after reading the regulations and accepting the regulations by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form. It is necessary to correctly complete the registration form for registration.

DUNIN Sp. z o.o. to send the newsletter will collect and process information such as:

E-mail adress
Name (optional)
The name of the architectural studio
Date of birth (optional)
Gender (optional)

We store the above data on a protected server. Only administrator, employee of DUNIN Sp. z o.o. together with an external partner, he is entitled to view these data. We guarantee that we do not disclose or sell your email address to other companies.

Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of sending the newsletter, and with separate consent also for other needs indicated in the registration form. We send the newsletter only to people who have confirmed their willingness to receive messages. For confirmation, we use the double confirmation form so that no unauthorized person misuses your email address. The newsletter service becomes active after clicking the activation link in a special e-mail, which is always sent after the registration process has been successfully completed, to the e-mail address provided by you in the registration form. The contract for the provision of electronic services for sending the newsletter is concluded for an indefinite period, so both you and DUNIN have the right to terminate it, on the following conditions:

you can terminate the contract at any time by submitting a relevant statement in electronic form to the DUNIN address, which will remove from the system the records covered by personal data protection related to your use of this service and cease its provision.
DUNIN may terminate the contract if you objectively and unlawfully grossly violate the Regulations – subject to a 30-day notice period from the date of delivery of the notice to you. If both parties to the contract are entrepreneurs, DUNIN may terminate the contract with immediate effect in such a situation.

If you have received an unsolicited newsletter from us, it may have been sent by another user you know.

The newsletter contains the latest offers, updates and information on the latest campaigns of DUNIN Sp. z o.o. During registration, the user agrees to receive service messages, including an abandoned basket on the website, after-sales messages and messages with information about products that the user has expressed interest in.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. A link that will allow you to unsubscribe from the newsletter is also included in every message we send.

DUNIN Sp. z o.o. will store personal data until you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the necessity to perform the contract for the provision of the newsletter service, and for optional data, the consent you gave.

The content transmitted via the newsletter does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. In order to purchase Goods, you should carefully read the characteristics of the product.

DUNIN undertakes to make every effort to ensure that data sent via e-mail are correct and reliable, but is not responsible for it, because of the potential for modification that exists during teletransmission.

DUNIN reserves the right to periodically disable the newsletter for renovation or conservation work. A message about the temporary lack of access to the newsletter will be posted on in advance.


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