3D Mini Panels

The latest collection of Mini 3D panels is an alternative for aesthetes looking for fresh and original solutions. The three-dimensional elements are made of POLYSTAR (hardened POLYURETHANE), which is simple to install, as well as easy to cut, glue and joint. In addition, the panels can be repainted in any color. The collection consists of products in the shape of hexagons, triangles and fish scales. Each of these three forms occurs in convex and flat versions. The latter were made of HDF – a hard and durable material.

The combinations of convex and flat elements allow you to create surprising arrangements. These compositions will work both in commercial spaces, e.g. in clubs, restaurants and hotels, as well as in the rooms of modern apartments, including in the living room, hallway, bedroom or kitchen. The products are available in many color variants (emerald, yellow, pink, blue, gray, blue, white), as well as in a version imitating wood structure. In turn, modularity and a wide range of available colors give unlimited composition possibilities.

For finishing and installation, we recommend WS FIXER adhesive, as well as WS JOINER and WS AQUA JOINER joints.


    • Living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen
    • Office, hotel, restaurant and club spaces


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